Sengerema WiFi Network Technical team Oct '08

Sengerema Wireless Community network up & Clicking!

Dont hang on...

pics of another interesting wifi connection...

The 3rd node & home town now bathed in wifi!!

Another wifi node up & running, 6km away!

the computers are finally here!!

Pictures of Dar es salaam

telecentre management workshop, 12th - 14th dec

ICTfundi workshop, 7th - 8th dec, Dar

IICD roundtable workshop, 4th dec

Internet on mobile phone comes to Karagwe!

8km wireles link to secondary school launched!

Using netstumbler - very handy networking tool!

raised antennas & mast ... end of day 2

putting up the antenna - day 2

all the pics - find them here...

day1 - wireles link pics

getting 8km wireless link to secondary school

flight home...