getting 8km wireless link to secondary school

Let me give everybody a sequence of events on setting this wireless network up:

26th sept, tuesday - bought the antenna poles, welding etc. Mounted the omni & the mesh directional antenna onto highest pole. Reconfigured the senao bridges.

27th sept, wed - finished mounting the pole and the antennas.

28th sept, thurs - went down to karagwe secondary school in the morning to try out the signal strength. Amazingly, we were able to open yahoo, google, though at very low speeds.

29th sept, fri - Had to finalise the connection at the school but disturbed by faulty utp, errors & packets dropped on network cards, low internet signal strength at base station. Finally, sort this out a little & make it to the school in the afternoo at 5pm, very tired, depressed, puzzled... name it!! Dont get the connection done & leave a very disappointed student audience :(

30th sept, sat - get to the school early in the morning 10am and try to find best position for antenna. Got it working with a really good acceptable speed at about 2pm. Set up a LAN quickly with 4 working computers. A very satisfied headteacher and students so engaged in sending email too.

Well, thats just about how i have the 8km wireless link working from Kayanga to Kishoju in Karagwe district, kagera tanzania.

I guess i should post some pictures...



  1. Anonymous11:46 PM

    Hey John, great achievement!
    We in Pingjum are also wireless for the first day today, but only for 400 feet. Well keep up the good work over there!

    Greetings Arjen Duindam

  2. thanks arjan & nice to hear from you
    wireless is da way 2 go!


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