Internet on mobile phone comes to Karagwe!

Passing Dr. Msalilwa's drug store yesterday evening, i stumbled upon a service i didnt think was available in Karagwe.

We currently can surf the internet on our phone here in Karagwe, if you are on a network like TIGO. Users can surf the Internet via the General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) activated on their handsets. Supported handsets are Nokia 6020, Sony Ericsson, Siemens, Motoral & Panasonic. GPRS networks deliver high-speed data services to mobile phones. Users of GPRS can obtain high-speed access to 'WAP' enabled Internet websites.

They are also offering multimedia messaging service (mms), a store & forward messaging service that allows subscribers to exchange multimedia messages with other mobile subscribers. With MMS, you can transmit media types such as text, pictures, audio, video or combinations of the above.


  1. Anonymous5:33 PM

    I use WAP to read news at Yahoo!

  2. Dear John, That is good to hear. I hope people in Karagwe are going to make a good use of the continuing available hightech resources in development activities. Thanks for your updates. Rwazo, The Netherlands

  3. Hi John,

    Are you able to access the internet on a PC via a mobile phone? Or is it only on the headset?


  4. we used to access internet via phone in St.henry's college, - Uganda but it would take us over an hour before connection is achieved!
    It was very expensive too, since yo charged twice for Internet access & airtime - just like you on a phone with someone all that time!! :-(

    The 4n network here, according to its bronchure, does not mention that you can access Internet via mobile phone on your pc.

    so, not yet! Good start though :-)


  5. Anonymous3:35 AM

    This shows how the world has changed over the years. however, karagwe still has a long way to go in attaining better and reliable internet connections, particularly frustrating and quite often with a very slow connection speed. In all BIG UP Karagwe. Musa Kailembo. Bristol, United Kingdom

  6. ICT has a significant part to play in learning development in numerous regions, additionally offers the likelihood e.g. to improve governance. Fundamental framework is hence crucial. In Tanzania access to the Internet has expanded impressively as of late, nonetheless, much must be carried out to diminish costs and improve the nature of the administrations since reasonable access is key to development.



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