pics of another interesting wifi connection...

This is the tanzania electricity supply company, tanesco, office in Kayanga. Notice the surrounding tall trees and the small office building below.

The parabola antenna up in the tree majestically looking towards the Internet station. We cleared a few branches to have "signal breathing space" for the antenna! ;)

The linksys wap11 getting a dressing in a 5-litre jerrycan, easily available water proof box! We later heavily covered it with tape, to keep out as much rain water, fog & bugs as possible.

Coming down the huge eucalyptus tree, after climbing 50 metres above ground. I never intended to do this but its always a wise idea if you ever want the connection to come through. Other people imagine that they are seeing where you want the antenna to point, but in reality, they are just imagining it!! Another way to prove, "if you want anything done right, better do it yourself" ;)

This is the view from the top of the eucalyptus tree infront of the tanesco office. Notice the so many surrounding masts. In the foreground, is the celtel mast; middle, national telephone company - ttcl mast; and in the background, tigo mast. Celtel & tigo are mobile phone companies offering gsm. The tigo mast is close to where our small mast with antenna is.

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