flight home...

Well, 1st of sept 2006, was quite a unique day.
I woke up early about 4am with the excitement of going home to meet waiting family & friends. Well, as it turned out, it was a day of rushing here and there and finally having a cancelled flight home. Disappointment and frustration.

But on the bright side, i spent another day in belgium, most especially brussels. We were taken in at Crown Plaza hotel, a little distance away from the airport, with all expenses paid by the SN brussels airline. It was an exoctic place with a nice facilities. I should say i enjoyed staying there.

We boarded the flight out of europe about midday from brussels. I was lucky to get home safe and sound on the sunday, 3rd sept, at 3am in the morning. It was after spending 14hours on a flight that saw us land for an hour at kigali international airport, Rwanda; Jomo Kenyatta, nairobi - kenya; and finally our destination in entebbe, Kampala - uganda.

I got my bag back as well after leaving it unchecked in at schipol airport after about 4 days. The Sn brussels airline staff traced it down and was lucky to have Bas inform the responsible parties where to send it. Thanks Bas!

Now back in Kayanga, Tanzania