the computers are finally here!!

The computers, hubs, antennas, cables, nuts & bolts and all the computer accessories that were shipped from holland to tanzania are well received. Togather with Joseph we collected our stuff from Hekima secondary school.

the hubs are being unwrapped and getting readied for deployment. They sure will be a huge boast to building good local area networks for secondary schools.

Lucy Zawadi, a computer instructor at FADECO telecentre examing the best hubs to deploy in her computer lab.

John (author), showing a satisfied smile at having the hubs finally & safely their destination. The hard work of picking them up from friends in holland is finally done.

Big thanks to all the guys of,, Peter Kremer, Jos & Lineke, Bauke, JPD, marko & mariska, bas lebbing, martin junginger & all wellwishers who sacrificed their time & equipment to contribute towards the success of ICTs in east africa.

asante sana!