Another wifi node up & running, 6km away!

Mavuno, a development non-profit, 12km away by road from fadeco, base station, has now been connected to the Internet via wireless.

People always mention that making a wifi connection is fun but i have come to discover that its sometimes so stressful most especially when you are only surrounded by very eager people only ready to use the Internet. Others are so skeptical of the whole situation, that the only sentiments you hear are all negative. Being the only one with strong faith that it will finally work make everybody happy in the end, you are forced to spend time winning over allies and thus more time as you go about tuning the connection to your liking. The situation is further made complicated as you have to drive between the two locations, climb the mast, enroll somebody without a with absolutely no idea about wifi networks to read the stats on the laptop or carefully adjust the antennas, etc.

Regardless of all the trouble involved, its the sweet victory of making yet another really long shot wifi connection that brings that winning smile on your face. You quickly forget all the trouble you went through just like a new mother quickly forgets her labour pains :D
Last week was spent this way.

Marko Faber, a volunteer at Mavuno expressed interest in having an Internet connection via wireless, installed at the training centre in Mavuno. After a couple of emails here and there, the equipment was brought in from Germany by a guest visiting their training centre.

Here with Marko on top of the roof at Mavuno, super-tuning the antenna using netstumbler.

Check me out in wifi heaven ;)
Am tuning the antenna at fadeco, to align with the one at mavuno, 6km away, direct line of sight.

Finally another anode now part of the big wifi network in Kayanga :o)

More pictures, here