25+ Websites That Let You make Mobile Apps Without Programming Skills

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There are websites that allow you to make mobile phone apps without the need to learn programming skills. You only need to click a few times and you have an app done. You can have a mobile App for your website, product or service ready in as few as 10minutes! Just sign up and start clicking away.

Free DIY App Websites

1. Google App Inventor for Android - Login with your gmail email address or create one if you don't have. After login, there alot of tutorials to help you get started. You can build apps that inform and educate or fun games. Get in there and get your hands dirty, you never know, you would haul out a million dollars!

2. AppMakr, a free Web-based tool, uses a simple, step-by-step wizard to guide you through the process. This website takes your online feeds and turns them into an app for you. The feed can be from your website, blog, twitter stream, add a photo and your app will be done. Publishing your app to the AppMakr gallery is free but costs $199 to publish in the apple store.

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3. ViziApps - MobiFlex, a more advanced Web-based tool that lets you build apps that work with a phone's camera and GPS. MobiFlex charges $99 to publish an app in the Apple or Android app stores, plus a monthly fee of $10 to $199, depending on the size of the app and number of users.

4. Swebapps - charges $499 one-time development fee for the basic version developing apps for both apple and android. The easy, low-cost option for small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and anyone targeting a mobile audience!
Google App Inventor - use your Gmail email address to start
5. My App Builder - is a tool that takes your content and turns it into an app for you for a low monthly hosting fee. for $29/month, you sign up for a monthly service, builds your iPhone/iPod Touch Apps for you. Just submit your content (videos, books, etc.) and we will take care of the rest. Take advantage of Apple's wildly popular iTunes Store that you won't find anywhere else. You no longer need a technical background or a small fortune to develop your own iPhone/iPod Touch applications.

6. Snappii - Create your app without programming in minutes, customize look and feel with our WYSIWYG Editor, see your app work on your iPhone in minutes with Web2Phone Copy. Affordable: No set up fees. Only $39/mo

7. Red foundry - Build the mobile app that you want. No code, unless you insist. complete solution for building and managing mobile apps. Without coding, our unified platform enables everything from stunning content based mobile apps to powerful enterprise solutions, while reducing the mobile app development cycle from months to days.

8. Genwi - Tablet and smartphone publishing platform where you publish interactive, social and live media apps all popular mobile devices, including iPad, iPhone, Android, and HTML5. They offer a 30-day free trial while the basic package is $99.

Apps can also include various revenue generating capabilities for businesses like Ads, coupons, in-App subscriptions etc. You also get comprehensive real-time analytics that provides insights your into Apps usage.

9. TapLynx. A powerful iPhone framework. Rapidly develop iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch Apps without learning Cocoa, monetize your Apps through sponsorships, ads, and download fees and great support.

Created especially for Agencies & Designers to make beautiful, dynamic apps without writing code

The SDKs are free to download and evaluate, and once you are ready to push to production all you’ll need to do is purchase a license key. TapLynx license for iPhone is $599 and for an iPad app $1,198

10. AppBreeder - A number of options to choose from as well as creating an app that can be used on the iPhone, Blackberry, and Android platforms. Creating web apps is free.

11. MobDis
everything made as easy and intuitive as possible. Drag-and-drop interface. One click publish. Intuitive animation controls. Cross-platform compatibility. Produce beautiful rich media mobile ads and sites within minutes.

Pay As you Go package - where you pay only what you need when you need to. You get charged $0.02 per microsite access. Special pricing plans available for resellers, Educational or Non-profit organizations, contact support team.

12. BigForge- LocalBeacon platform - Using LocalBeacon, you can produce custom iPhone applications that can be deployed on the app store, or published via the LocalBeacon engine.

Our platform gets used for a lot of things, including medical applications, tour guides, reference applications and many more. We love hearing about new ideas and you might be surprised how easy it is to get your idea turned into a working mobile application.

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13. iPhonify - Create an iPhone version of your site. It's free and takes less than a minute.

All your site requires, is an RSS feed. After that, you can add your site to your home screen with the '+' button in the iPhone's browser. Your url: http://iphonify.net/XXXX where XXXX is username for your website. Simple and easy to use.

14. EyeMags - Its Free to build your own Apps in minutes for Android, iPhone/iPad, Nokia, Samsung and most other phones. Has support for all Java phones, iPhone, iPad and popular touch phones.Login with your facebook account, if you have one otherwise email support for access.

15. GameSalad - A game creation tool for people who don't speak code. Create games for iPhone or iPad, works on all iOS devices. Publish your games instantly to GameSalad Arcade, powered by HTML5 technologies.

16. UppSite - Get FREE native apps for your website. Push your apps to the stores - FREE Push your content to the readers

Mobile Websites and Applications

17. Shoutem, - They call themselves "The world's simplest Mobile App Maker." - turn your websites into Mobile Location Based Services overnight!

We integrate with your website, your YouTube and Flickr channels and take all that content across mobile platforms.

18. UnityMobile - Build and deliver the best. Whether you are making a mobile website or publishing a mobile application, UNITY’s integrated platform is simple enough for any user, regardless of technical skills.

Africa: Make an app today!

19. Widgetbox - Create a mobile web app that visitors can access on the iPhone and Android smart phones. Recommended browsers are Google Chrome and Safari as they closely resemble the mobile interface thus better at rendering previews. Gold plan is $25 per app per month

20. Runrev - Use RunRev's proprietary “LiveCode” – an English-like language for programming apps — and develop apps for iOS. They have a number of video tutorials on the website to get you started.

21. MotherApp - Reach millions of new customers on iPad, Android, fast and secure distribution of your content. It is also start risk free - pay only for traffic and keep all the profit.

22. Saasmob - create ready-to-deploy apps in minutes and submit to any app store.

Have no time to code your app? Submit your Mobile App ideas

23. Apps Incubator - From the guys themselves: If you have an idea for an iPhone, iPad or even Android application, you can submit it directly to the App Incubator for a shot at getting it made. If your concept passes our challenging set of criteria - from originality to functionality - we will design, develop and market your app. You don't have to pay a cent for any part of the process, and we'll share a handsome portion of the profits with you

Apps for: DJ's and Producers, Bands and Musicians, Bars and Nightclubs, Restaurants and Bistros

24. My App is the easiest, fastest and most affordable way for you to create and manage your own iPhone and Android app without any technical knowledge using our Do-It-Yourself platform. Build your App for $299.

25. MobBase - Fast and easy. Build it once and distribute it on the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, Android, and Desktop. Your music, photos, videos and more wherever your fans are.

Mobibase - Apps on display

Mobile App commerce stores

26. MobiCart - a free and simple way for you to build and manage your m-commerce store as a native or web app. MobiCart works on its own, or link it up to your existing website.

27. Zubibu - internet shopping becoming mobile. It allows you to immediately set up a browser-based mobile version of your online shop on a number of mobile devices.

A mobile version of your online shop is available in the web browser of popular smartphones. In order to make purchases, mobile customers enter the familiar address of their online store and zubibu ensures that they are provided with the version suited to their devices. Try a 30-day free trial without requiring a credit card.

Depending on your budget, most of the tools listed above can help you create a mobile app for your product or service. Others will help you create a mobile app for your store where you can advertise and let customers know about new products or discounts, raising awareness about your products and services hence tapping into the ever expanding mobile devices market. And checkout security weaknesses that are affecting millions of Android users privacy and steps to protect your business.

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    Appinventor is the only one on the list that allows you to access all the phone controlls.

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    Mobile apps are hot today, but hiring a programmer is too expensive. I use snappii.com to make apps, this platform allows to make apps without programming. Has anybody tried?

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  6. I'm not sure an app builder will ever do more than a mobile website. Are there any stats that show how many downloads these apps receive? From the number of reviews and other metrics, it always looks like they are virtually abandoned after their release.

    I've noticed a lot of businesses buying apps on Flippa.com. Often you can find an app that has interesting functionality that could be adapted to your business to be relevant for your customers, and then you can add some additional content into the apps to promote a business.

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    Since the apps are already built, and included in the listing, one advantage is you always know what you are getting.

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