5 Free Online Courses Plus Executive Education Courses Offering Degrees from Top Universities [Part II]

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In Part I of the free online courses series, are a number of courses available for all with an Internet connection and a computer, including certification programs tailored for women to join cybersecurity. 

In this blog post, we continue with diverse online courses targeting individuals at different positions within a business including executives responsible for utilizing business assets for promoting growth and profits - courses on risk management, fintech and impact of new technologies on the future of business.

In no particular order, here are five resources with free online courses: 

  1. EDX platform where you can sharpen and increase your skills, and get a certificate after completing that you can present to your boss to increase your income, advance your career and position within the business. You can attend courses and earn degrees from popular universities like HarvardX, AdelaideX, BerkeleyX, Yale, Columbia, MITx and IBM. Popular subjects offered include data science, computer science, math, engineering, food & nutrition, architecture, law, medicine, education and teacher training, business and management. A company executive education track, that breaks down latest technology trends for business executives to apply in their business include courses on managing cybersecurity risk, fintech, accelerated management, artificial intelligence and implications for business.
    Free online executive management courses with degrees

  2. Amazon AWS workshops: Includes a list of workshops created by Amazon Web Services (AWS) experts giving tips, techniques and skills you can use to solve business issues associated with Infrastructure as code, internet of things, interoperability, javascript, kafka, kubernetes, lambda architecture, log analysis, metrics, machine learning, low-code/No-code, media, metadata, messaging, microsoft, migrations, monitoring, modernization, mobile, multi-account, NoSQL, networking, operations, postgres, privacy, perimeter protection, rest, reliability, QuickSight, RDS, resilience, SaaS, SAP, S3, security, sagemaker, serverless, startups, software management, storage, streaming, supply chanin, threat detection, trace analytics, typescript, web, vmware, transformation, web applications, windows, workflow, organizations, management and governance and many other topics.
  3. Amazon web services workshops hands-on experience
  4. AttackIQ academy is a community of cyber defenders launched due to increasing cyberattacks around the world. In the free courses experts give you tips and tricks that enable students to gain a realistic hands-on experience on building cyber defences to keep attackers out. The academy has basic, intermediate and advanced courses related with threat detection, risk management, cybersecurity frameworks (NIST 800-53, Att&ck, Mitre), attack simulations and more.
    Free online informed cyber defenders courses to fight attackers

  5. NIST Cybersecurity framework: Here can you download the (NIST) cybersecurity framework a popular guide with standards, guidelines and best practices that can be customized to suit the needs of your business to manage consquences of cybersecurity risk. Includes an online learning modules for beginners and advanced framework users.

  6. NIST cybersecurity framework online course
    Cisco Networking Academy: At the academy, the view is that technology is enabling big changes in the world when billions of devices are connected leading to changes in ways we communicate, collaborate, work, play and interact with the environment around us. You are offered materials to accelerate your knowledge, skills to enable you to change the world to become much better than before. Available free courses include: networking, Operating systems, programming, internet of things, infrastructure automation, cybersecurity and packet tracing.
    free online networking courses

In summary, free online courses offer an opportunity to get a valuable education taught by experts in the comfort of your home. All you need is a mobile device or computer, an internet connection and the self discipline to consistently followup on the lectures and assignements until completion of the course to earn a certificate, and new skills. 

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