Become a Cyber Defender: 6 Free Cybersecurity Courses in 2022 [Part I]

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Learning never stops but continues throughout ones life, that is a winning mindset. And as a life-long learner myself, when am a collector of study resources to constantly sharpen my knowledge and skills. You may consider taking the advanced CISSP, CISM, CCSP and CCSK certificates to further grow your knowledge.

Below are free (cyber) courses that are open for you to start on your cybersecurity journey.

Here are 5 free study resources for the weekend:

  1. youtube channel - fantastic resource with over 5 million subscribers and 350 million views of constantly updated video content covering all sorts of technologies: programming, self-driving cars, social media, data science, machine learning, ethical hacking.

  2. Knowbe4 resources:
    • Webinar library: Available webinars to watch cover topics: multifactor Authentication, ransomware, compliance, third-party risk, log4j, cybercrime-as-a-service, email hacks.
    • KnowBe4 Home Internet Security Awareness Training (password: homecourse), a course for entire family on safely using the Internet.

  3. Charles Sturt University: After you provide your name and email, you gain access to the free short course on Cybersecurity Management. The free Course takes 5 weeks and already has over 15,000 students enrolled, covering 5 modules and an assessment: 
    • Module 1: Effective and efficient cyber security
    • Module 2:The Cyber security practice – warriors and critics
    • Module 3:The cyber security practice – visionaries and leaders
    • Module 4:Putting it all together
    • Assessment:  open-book online test (open-book means you are allowed to bring along your study notes and materials to exam room to look up the answers as you do the exam). Exam takes 1 hour to complete 40 multiple choice questions.

  4. Mosse-Institute Cyber Security Awareness Training Videos. After you provide your name and email, you gain access to 23 videos across 5 series covering:
    • Introduction to Cyber Security 
    • Cyber Self-Defence
    • Leadership & Management 
    • Information Security Compliance 
    • Incident Response 

  5. Women in Cyber Free Remote Cybersecurity Internship Certification Programme Empowering Women in Cyber Security where you learn: performing vulnerability scans, web apps vulnerabilities and defend web apps. Apply on directly on website.

  6. 100 women in 100 days: Become part of the new generation of cyber defenders - Accelerator programme (registration is open). Your offered all the information you need to self-evaluate if this opportunity is for you. So dont be afraid to apply.

In conclusion, commit to life-learning to improve your knowledge and skills as the world rapidly changes around us. That way, you are sure to remain relevant and able adapt with the changing times.

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