High Interest in Cybersecurity at eLearning Africa Virtual Meet

elearning africa cybersecurity certifications meeting @ruralict.com
eLearning Africa meeting on Cybersecurity certifications

Elearning Africa's Edtech and Cybersecurity virtual Exchange virtual meeting that took place at end of October 2021 brought together ca. 400 participants who expressed an increased focus on cyber risk facing African businesses and educational institutions. 

The eLearning Africa's Edtech and Cybersecurity virtual Exchange links global cyber and data security, Edtech and digital learning solution providers with decisionmakers in Africa's education and training sectors and provides an exclusive online platform where people, ideas, practices and technologies come together conveniently in one place without the need to travel.

Among the keynote presentations was a call to African institutions of higher learning to take Cybersecurity seriously due to increased cyber-attacks during the pandemic on institutions conducting COVID19-related research. 

Questions and answers elearning-africa cybersecurity @ruralict.com
Questions and Answers at elearning Cybersecurity meeting

Baseline information security practices like limiting access to critical information, backups to restore corporate systems are periodically updated and tested ensures that an organization can recover from an incident without paying exorbitant ransoms demanded by an attacker.

Among the most popular questions during the event is why cyber risk mangement is so difficult. Managing the continually evolving cyber risks, becomes even more difficult, when your business lacks competences to evaluate and counter cyber risk with viable solutions, periodic awareness and training of staff is not carried out, and business crown jewels are left out in the open for every client, staff and partner to access.  

Ruralict organized and gave a presentation to more than 30 participants interested in getting CISSP, CISM, CCSK and CCSP certified. Interest among participants to get certified in cybersecurity was particularly high from small business representatives.  

The eLearning Africa conference returns to Kigali, Rwanda May 11-13, 2022.

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