35 Services Our Internet Cafe Users Were Asking For

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Internet Cafe services that can bring in a good income for the business, making the Internet cafe business profitable and more sustainable.

  1. Can i get online here? Do you have Internet? Are you connected? Is there network? - Yes we are connected to the Internet. You can read and write emails using our computers here. And take care not to get fall into scammer traps sent over email and social media.

  2. Take out that photo/letter for me from the computer (Printing) - Black and white and/or coloured printer to make beautiful photo prints is always asked for.

  3. Can you put these photos in the computer for me? I need to use fax to send this document.. (photo or document scanning) - Scanning photos to be posted on photo sharing websites such as facebook, flickr or to send off to friends via email. Most places have an email address, making scanning a document much better than faxing it.

    There are many benefits of scanning over faxing among which is privacy of documents scanned and sent via email remains with the intended recipient instead of faxing them to a machine where they spill out for all to read.

  4. How can i make my computer faster? - this was the most frequently asked question from especially Microsoft windows users. Our best answer to the user was always to get off the windows bandwagon and use the more user friendly ubuntu, but installing such programs such as ccleaner often would free up a good amount of hard disk space, and making the computer faster. 

  5. Can you just teach me how to open and read my emails? (Computer training) – We conducted training lasting half an hour, an hour, or less and computer training lasting several days. Users would be interested in learning how to read, write and send an email, access their email address box, join facebook, make friends on facebook, to learn to use the Internet, post photos on facebook, learn Word, Excel. And to watch out for scammers sending sextortion emails depending cryptocurrency, like bitcoin, not to expose dirty videos of you online. 

    We were able to create over 200 free yahoo and gmail email addresses plus teaching the users on how to access and read their emails. Read: 5 Free Online Courses Plus Executive Education Courses Offering Degrees from Top Universities

  6. Do you computers have word? Can you reduce my photos so I can send them on email? To resize photos we would use programs such as gimp and google picasa software which is all free to download and use.

  7. Can you write a letter on to my son/daughter/friend? (email signup) - Often parents with a son/daughter/relatives abroad who do not know how to use a computer. Often sitting with them and typing away a few words they want to send off would turn them into eternal users of our Internet cafe.

  8. How can I see my friends on Facebook? - Helping people to use facebook to find their friends, classmates and relatives always made most of our users to spend much more time that they initially budgeted for, in the long run earning the Internet cafe more money.

  9. Can I use my laptop to connect online via your network? - Offering apart a table and seat for users with laptops to use their own machines when they visit. Careful with network viruses if you have a windows-based local area network.

  10. Buy a blank CD/DVD - Our Internet cafe was selling empty CDs, 4.2GB and 8.4gb DVDs, re-writable CDs and DVDs.

  11. Play Computer Games - Especially during the school holiday seasons, this is one of the most asked computer services by especially young people. Most requested for computer games include motor racing, spiderman, mortal combat, gta vice city, soccer (fifa).. The super cool online games are more bandwidth intensive, graphics cards, computer memory, fast local area network.. 

  12. Virus scans of usb flash disks, external hard disk and computers. Updating Clamwin antivirus running on a ubuntu computer quickly helped us to get rid of the most dangerous virus spreading around.

  13. How and where to download especially antivirus updates, free antivirus software, ebooks, music videos, movies, mp3. If you download a virus that locks up your computer, read: 14 Ransomware Tools to Detect and Decrypt Locked-up Data

  14. Torrents and how they work - you can use torrent services such as btjunkie or torrentscan as sources of torrents to download using a program installed on your computer such as deluge, utorrent or bittorrent.

  15. Where and how to upload photos to facebook, flickr, as attachments to send via email.

  16. How to make free calls on the computer? Skype, yahoo messenger and gmail, all provide free computer-computer online calls.

  17. How can I send free SMS online? Do you know any websites to send free SMS? (Sending free sms or bulk sms) - a list of websites where you can send free sms and also how you can use our website to send free sms to local mobile phone users.

  18. Does your photocopy work? How clear is your machine? (photocopy), this is one of the most profitable Internet cafe services. Almost every document today needs to have a copy made for backup or storage. Also several copies of documents to send off to different employers or to open a bank account... list is endless.

  19. Do you have a sealing machine? Do you do binding of documents? Sealing important documents makes them easy to keep for many years without getting affected by moisture. Binding is required to keep several papers of the same report together.

  20. Can you type this report in the computer? Do you make beautiful greetings/birthday cards? (Secretarial services) – typing out reports or proposals; designing certificates, birthday or special season cards; editing documents...

  21. Who repairs your computers? Do you have the machine to blow dust out of my computer? Simple computer maintenance tasks such as blowing dust out of the computer system unit, keyboard and screen; assembling different parts of the computer and installing windows or ubuntu would often be a good way to earn some money.

  22. My ipod shows this error, can you help me? (Re-setting or reformatting Apple ipod software using iTunes) Connecting an ipod onto a windows xp computer running the latest version of iTunes often solved the problems.

  23. What do I need to connect and see my mobile phone on my computer? (Computer-to-Mobile phone software) such as Nokia PC Suite, Samsung PC Suite.. etc

  24. Selling video, ebooks tutorials found free allover the Internet on virtually anything, an ebooks google search turns up over 71 million results!

  25. How can i learn to type so fast? Learn Typing lessons using Klavaro, mavis, some of the students have been able to reach over 60 words per minute from initial speeds of 2 words per minute! Also learning how to use both hands to type than using only one hand. 

  26. How to make a Curriculum Vitae or resume - using openoffice word in a format prescribed in different job adverts by prospective employers.

  27. Where can i find donors for our HIV/AIDS non-profit organization? (donors, sponsors, partners, online) - Having a website or blog where the work of the non profit is displayed is the first step to attracting potential donors and partners. But other non-profits resourceful materials and websites such as 1% club and idealist are also helpful, just to name a few.

  28. How do we advertise or get our message out without spending money? (free websites, blogs, forums, online marketplace) - there are free free blogging and website platforms online you can use to host your content (photos and text) about your project.

  29. Am a good writer, can I earn a living writing articles on the Internet? (writing for online audiences) - yes, click here to check out a number of options listed in our forum.

  30. I see all these Ads, is it true that you can make money online here in Africa? (Working online) there are a lot of resources that are being posted in our forum about working online that can give one ideas to pick and work with plus also how to get paid online.

  31. Watch Internet TV or listen to Internet radio - yes, you can watch videos on youtube and plenty of online radio but watch your Internet connection as it will probably not last until the end of month before it is out.

  32. Can you make a copy of my CDs? (CD/DVD copy/Burning) Can I watch movies on CDs or DVDs on the computer? - user wants a computer with a working compact disk (CD) or DVD drive with a video playing programs such as vlc installed on it. Using Nero to make duplicate CD/DVDs always worked well for us.

  33. How can I get rid of viruses? What is the best antivirus software? - New antivirus programs are coming out everyday, gaining a huge following and making a lot of money meaning the best antivirus is to get off Microsoft windows and use the more productive and virus-free open source linux operating systems such as ubuntu, which let you concentrate on getting work done than worrying about viruses.

  34. Can I find genuine free online study courses or universities? yes, many online courses are listed inside our forums.

  35. Entreprenuership resources I can use to develop my business? - check out our entreprenuership resources section in our forum.
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