Denial of Service: Anonymous hackers take down Uganda Police website

news of anonymous cyberattack on Uganda website
News reports of Anonymous hackers denial of service attack on Uganda Police website
  • Anonymous hacktivist take down Uganda Police website due to murders of civilians. 
  • Uganda gearing for Presidential elections in January 2021
  • Distributed Denial of service cyber attack reported by local newspapers 

Last week Ugandan newspaper reported a cyber attack on the Uganda police website by Anonymous after demonstrations broke out when popular opposition leader Bobi Wine was arrested. Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu (alias Bobi wine) is contesting in presidential elections with NUP party to unseat the current president of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni  who has been in power for 34 years.

If you don't know about Anonymous, here is a quick video on "A brief History of Anonymous" (3 minutes long) by Wired covering their roots on the 4chan forums and the long history of denial of service attacks through the years:

Anonymous overwhelms Uganda Police website

The news reports of a denial of service attack that took down the Uganda Police website was confirmed in a series of tweets from Anonymous hacker group via @YouAnonCentral twitter handle posting on Nov 20 and Nov 23 2020:

1. Nov 20 tweet:

#Uganda: Anonymous has taken down @PoliceUg's website in response to recent violent government repression & killings.
Anonymous calls for police to respect human lives & the freedom of peaceful assembly and protest.
#UgandaIsBleeding #ugandanlivesmatter

Anonymous hacker tweets on cyberattack on Uganda
Nov 20 Anonymous hacker tweet on Uganda

2. Nov 20 tweet:

#Uganda: Police (@PoliceUg) have murdered at least 28 people, arrested 577, and injured dozens more with live ammunition, beatings, tear gas, and water cannons.
At a protest challenging President Yoweri Museveni's 34-year reign.
#UgandaIsBleeding #Ugandanlivesmatter

Anonymous hackers tweets on Uganda police murders
Nov 20 Anonymous hacker tweet on Uganda

3. Nov 23 tweet:

Report: Anonymous hacks #Uganda police website.
Naturally, the police deny it; they should concern themselves with bringing to justice those who killed at least 37 protestors than protecting a very basic website. #UgandaIsBleeding #ugandanlivesmatter.

Anonymous hackers cyberattack Uganda
Nov 23 Anonymous tweets on murders in Uganda

There is no confirmation or mention of the cyber attack on the Uganda Police website. In a statement on the Uganda police website confirms the number of murdered as tweeted by the Anonymous hacktivist group though Aljazeera reports 37 murdered.

Uganda is going to the polls in January 2021 to elect several leaders among which is the President who is to rule over the nation for the next 5 years. The Uganda Electoral commission website has a functionality that enables voters to search the voter register using their voter details or number. With such systems in place and emerging hacktivist threats, one can assume that the cyber defenders have their work cut out.

Uganda voter register online

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