Free Online Training Courses. Part II

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Computer studies

UDACITY -  classes begin in February 20th, 2012
CS 101: Building a Search Engine. No programming experience required. Learn programming in seven weeks. We'll teach you enough about computer science that you can build a web search engine like Google or Yahoo!

CS 373: Programming a Robotic Car. Programming experience required. In seven weeks you'll learn how to program all the major systems of a robotic car, by the leader of Google and Stanford's autonomous driving teams.

Statistics 110: Introduction to Probability 
An introduction to probability as a language and set of tools for understanding statistics, science, risk, and randomness. The course is taught at Harvard University by Joe Blitzstein in Fall 2011.

Lecture videos, homework, review material, practice exams, and a large collection of practice problems with detailed solutions are provided. You need: apple itunes

Accounting and Business free online training courses

M200 Indiana University free online training videos
You need: broadband Internet connection and microsoft silverlight which you can download on site

Video lecture topics available include: Marketing overview; Developing Marketing Strategies; Marketing Ethics and the Marketing Environment; Consumer Behavior; Global Marketing; Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning; Marketing Research; Product and Branding; Product Innovation; Services; Pricing; Supply Chain Management; Retailing; Advertising & Sales Promotions; Personal Selling; Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)

A186 Indiana University video titles

Video lecture topics available include: Introduction to Accounting and Business; The Accounting Cycle; Merchandising Business; Inventory Flow, Cash & Controls; Receivables; Long-Term Operational Assets; Liabilities; The Business Organization and Financing; Financial Statement Analysis; Managerial Accounting; Cost Behavior; Cost Accumulation; Budgeting Process; Capital Investments.

Law School Free Online training Video Lectures

Jurist Legal Intelligence
Topics include current Events on Iraq; Corporate Crisis and the Enron Scandal; Terrorism, Civil Liberties and 9/11; Administrative Law; Antitrust Law; Biotechnology and Bioethics; Civil Rights and Race; Commercial Law; Communications Law; Constitutional Law; Contract Law; Corporations Law; Courts and Judges; Crime and Punishment; Cyberspace Law; Disability Law; Elder Law; Election Law; Environmental Law; family law; Feminist Jurisprudence/Women and the Law; Intellectual Property and Copyright; International and Comparative Law; Islamic Law; Labor and Employment Law; Lawyers, Lawyering and the Legal Profession; Law and Legal Theory; Law School and Legal Education; Legal History; Legal Scholars and Scholarship; Psychology and Law; Tax Law; Tort Law; US Supreme Court.

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