get on the plane, its 28th june evening...

Saying goodbye to loved ones is one of the most heart-breaking experiences a person goes through sometimes.

I had to say goodbye first to the many friends back "home" in Kayanga, Karagwe-Tanzania. Everybody was saying please: "write us soon and don't forget us", "find us places there so we can also join you there" "get us as many contacts as you can" All this makes you feel like you are on your way to heaven - as if you are going to a place where people normally don't came back. More drama was to follow. Friends who are not interested in using email were all asking for my email address "to keep in touch" Others just couldn't even say goodbye, more especially, the girls since they were "beyond doubt" such a young guy to go to europe and not find "other female friends" as they like to put it.

All this makes a departing person especially one going abroad to feel a little "kicked out" of his friends hearts. And thats exactly the same feeling i had as i was about to board my plane.

more to follow...


  1. Hi John,

    I'm so excited for you to be traveling. I can't wait to find out which contries you will be in at what times. I will be traveling in August and will want to visit you.

    I'm sure your friends back in TZ and Uganda will welcome you when you return.



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