Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sengerema Wifi photos

Main node installed at the Sengerema telecentre. We setup a mesh network of ten clients using biquads/cantennas, linksys wrt54gl router and one omni.

This is the complete assembly with a biquad to re-inforce the link to one of the highest peers.

John Kibuuka working on getting one of the biquads squares to scale. Having to make sure that the squares had 90 deg angles.

For a more pictures on flickr:

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Sengerema WiFi Network Technical team Oct '08

Down to a relaxing meal during the workshop. From the guy in checked shirt: Njili, Itwana Ernest, Dickson Kalembo, Sebastian, john (shaved head), Mark Farahani (in white)

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Sengerema Wireless Community network up & Clicking!

Community WiFi projects always get me excited, great anticipation on getting my hands as dirty as they can get normally ensues when I encounter one. This year, there has been great planning to get the Sengerema WiFi Community project up with an initial phase covering 10 priority clients, among which is; a centre for people with disabilities (deaf, lame, blind); government district offices, a teacher's resource centre, business centre, a private individual and vocational school.

Sengerema District is one of eight districts in the Mwanza Region of Tanzania. It is bordered to the north and east by Lake Victoria, to the south by the Geita District and to the southeast by the Misungwi District.

The week-long knowledge sharing technical workshop, more like a IT camp - though not at all related to camping but with all the hacking & geeky IT lessons in plenty - with a tight schedule running from 0830 in the morning till close to midnight every day.

The IICD sponsored event brought together different telecentre technical managers from all over tanzania plus Sebastian Buettrich from Copenhagen, John Kibuuka from Uganda and IICD representatives; Bernadette Huizinga and Miep Lenoir.