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The University of Nicosia, famous for becoming the first university to accept bitcoin payments has introduced a Massive open online course (MOOC) on bitcoin - Introduction to Digital Currencies - starting 20 April 2015.

The course content dives into the history of money and comes around the revolutionary solution that bitcoin offers of solving the byzantine generals' problem. Further on the discussion continues on basics and use of bitcoin, blockchains and its alternative uses and everything else regarding the bitcoin economy - especially the regulation, relationships with the central banks around the world, taxation issues and alternatives to bitcoin. To round it off, the discussion goes into the exploding space around the ever-emerging innovations around bitcoin and its use in the developing world - which especially relevant for early adopters and users in Africa. 

This is the third time this course is being offered. Considering that bitcoin is still a new technology, this is an opportunity to get a full understanding of what it means and the opportunities it holds. 

Am a bitcoin user myself. Leave me a comment below on what you think about bitcoin.

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