MTN Charges Mobilephone user Abroad to Receive Local Calls

Make sure to 'juice up' or load a substantial amount of airtime on your MTN mobile phone before you travel away from home to Europe. A 'substantial amount' should be about Uganda shillings 5,000/= and above.

1. Receiving Local calls
MTN post call info showing how much you have been charged for receiving a call
While in Holland, I got a call from my brother in Uganda. Unlike the case in Uganda, where MTN does not charge users to receive a call, in Holland, MTN charged me 600/= for a call that lasted 41 seconds!

So mind how long you talk especially if you are only saying "yes, I have got off the plane safely blah blah.."

2. SMS
MTN partner in Holland - Vodafone NL

MTN charges for sending one sms from Holland

Sending an SMS using an MTN enabled, zte model, phone in Holland, would set you back 790/= per sms. Make sure to keep the little amount of airtime you have to communicating with whoever is to pick you up to avoid getting stranded.

In Europe, some operators charge you for receiving calls which is often not the case in Africa.

Why not buy a simcard to use in Holland? well, they are not sold on the street like tomatoes in Uganda. In some cases you may have to sign a contract with a telecom provider making the process more complicated than it is back in Uganda.

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  1. That's a worthy opportunity for people traveling abroad frequently on business trips and keeping in touch with people you need. I can't get on without my cell phone regardless of the place and time.


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