UTL Kwiktok Internet is Cheapest in Uganda

I found this out by accident i must say. I have an Orange Internet everywhere 3g modem but today I got cut off. My 1gb connection was out with 19 days to go. After a while, I remembered that I have been getting a messages from UTL where i can get 100mb of data. I scrolled through my messages and relocated the message again, it reads:
Enjoy free surfing with 100MB of data, 20 free SMS and 10 minutes of talk with Kwiktok from utl for only ugx. 250/=. To activate, simply dial *250# now.

Thats what i wanted to see! I had ugx. 1,000/= subscribed by *250# until I had 20,4800,000 bytes of data to use. Now I wanted to use them on my computer and not the mobile phone itself.

Here is the process of using UTL mobile internet data package on my Eeepc running ubuntu 10.10:

You need:
- A web capable mobile phone
- mobile phone data cable (to connect your phone to computer)
- to subscribe to utl's kwiktok for only ugx. 250/=
- Internet settings for your mobile phone. Provided free by utl customer care number 222

1. Call UTL customer care
Am using a Nokia 6230i mobile phone. I needed the Internet settings. You need to tell the customer care person your mobile phone model, for instance, Nokia 6230i. The settings are sent you free of charge. There is a page on the uganda linux user group with Uganda's Teleco APN settings info. 

2. Connect mobile phone to computer using the mobile phone cable. Ubuntu will install and notify you that there is a new mobile connection detected. Set up the new connection with these:

country: Uganda
Provider: UTL
Data plan: Mobile Internet (APN: utweb)

3. Select to connect to the UTL connection to use up your kwiktok data.
Why Kwiktok UTL data plan is cheapest?

MTN and Orange both charge ugx. 25,000/= for a 500MB but with the  UTL Kwiktok data plan, you would be paying only ugx. 1,250/=! Of course the speeds on the 3g network is much better than the ones on the kwiktok plan as you can judge for yourself.