Cannot receive Paypal Payments East Africa? Try these 5 Free alternatives

In East Africa, receiving money via paypal is not possible except Kenya which has finally joined South Africa on paypal's list of countries where sending and receiving money is possible. Because of paypal's bias, several local NGOs, companies and individuals cannot receive donations or payments for services or products via paypal's network, which is the most trusted way to pay and receive money online.

There are lots of alternatives that several people do not know about which are also trusted and some cases cheaper than paypal. They are presented below with no particular order.

Opening an account with them is free. Local companies or NGOs can use the basic way to receive payments online using their moneybookers email account. They have a merchant gateway pay you immediately via credit/debit card, bank transfer, and wallet. You can also earn money by referring other people to their network.

Here is a demo on how to get paid from their website:

Step 1: A customer wants to pay for a product/service at DEMO-SHOP.COM. The merchant informs the customer on the Website about the option to send the required amount via Moneybookers to the merchant's registered email address BILLING@DEMO-SHOP.COM.
Step 2: The customer effectuates the payment via the Moneybookers Webiste. DEMO-SHOP.COM receives an instant payment notification via email.
Step 3: DEMO-SHOP.COM can now manually process the order of the customer.
Setting up an account with them is free. Plimus supports receiving payments from so many payment methods among which is paypal, moneybookers, credit cards, money orders etc. Be sure to check out their payment options page and use their payment calculator before you sign up. Earn money with them by joining their affiliates program.

With 2Checkout account, you can even accept Paypal payments. They also used to charge $49 sign up fee. For receiving donations, you simply cannot give your email and accept any payment. It is difficult for you to accept varying amounts of money from various clients or donors. Often people ask for your paypal email so that they send you any amount they want to send to support your cause or project.

4. Use friend in Kenya Or open an account with Kenyan bank
Considering that Kenya is our neighbour and the only 2nd Paypal authorized country where sending and  receiving paypal payments is possible, easiest way to use a friend's account in Kenya. Better still is to open up an account in a Kenyan bank that can provide paypal services. Kenyan banks available in Kampala include: KCB, Equity bank

"Use your U.S. mailing address to receive items anywhere in the world"
You pay about $23 for a physical address in the US that can be used to apply for an International debit or credit card from usa2me partners. With this International debit card, you would be able to receive paypal payments. You would also be able to use it locally with the growing number of local banks accepting visa, mastercard.