Ooh blogging days

My blogging days seem to be back now. Finally and for good! You want to know why? Here below I present to you seven (7) reasons why am back to blogging full time.

Reasons for blogging

7. Time is now to lead Ugandans to blogging: Following the recent riots in Uganda attributed to the government's refusal to allow the Kabaka of Buganda to freely travel in his kingdom, many people (not necessarily Baganda) took to the streets to vent their anger towards bad government policies. Several radio stations were also closed down by the government.

6. Social networking websites.. for instance facebook and twitter: Facebook is the lastest way to keep in touch with former school buddies, friends and colleagues. Each of these upload info on what they are doing and where they are. Therefore, a great resource for free topics to blog.

5. Citizen journalism: A platform where citizens report the news as it happens in their communities. An example is Uganda's current news page. On some websites, reporters are paid a commission on the news that they report. This could be an income earner for the so many youth whose otherwise have no hope of getting a decent job.

4. Making money online: Blogging is a rich platform for paying whoever does it well. Picking a niche a writer is passionate about is what is required to start reaping big monies from blogging.

3. Internet Cafe business: Offering an Internet access service in my community is a huge benefit where local users help me clear my monthly Internet bill plus turning a profit while doing it. The opportunity of spending more time online is another opportunity to blog.

2. Exploding ICT: With the advent of Internet carrying fibre optic cables, information communication technologies are just about to explode. More people are going to get online for social networking, find out about market prices, scholarships, donors, jobs... There is no better time to join the online fraternity than now.

1. Fast, cheap Internet access speeds: Internet access speeds have greatly increased since the first optical fibre cable, seacom, launched in Kampala. The speeds offered by one of the providers are really great. My connection connects at 3.6Mbps and for an entire week i have used it, very few or totally un-noticeable outages! It is bound to get much better in the year 2010!

So see you around here more often my friends for only the best... 'coz am back!


  1. Anonymous10:45 AM

    trying to get in touch for a report i am working on for Al Jazeera English - can you send me you contact details - tarek.bazley@aljazeera.net

  2. Nice talking to you Tarek :-)


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