Ganda Firefox finally comes to life!

Makerere University, in collaboration with Rhodes University, Firefox Mozilla and team have translated Mozilla Firefox into Luganda. According to Wikipedia, "Luganda is a major language of Uganda, spoken by over three million people mainly in the Buganda region, which includes the Ugandan capital Kampala."

To join the growing number of Ugandans already using Ganda firefox, follow the steps below;

1. Check that your firefox is 3.0.1. If not upgrade from the mozilla site or if you are within Uganda, download from local servers here.

2. Navigate to the Open source software translation project page with a heading "kickstarting Firefox in Luganda" Read the short article and click on download to get the provisional language pack.

3. A window entitled Software Installation will be activated. An xpi file will appear within the window. Just click on INSTALL NOW.

4. You have now installed the Luganda add-on, but you will not be able to see the changes unless you install the language switcher. The language switcher will enable you to change between languages. Click here to download the Locale Switcher 2.1.

5. Re-start Firefox for all these changes to be seen.

6. Go to Tools > Languages > Ganda to start using your new Luganda version of Mozilla.

7. Incase you want to switch back to English, go to Tools > Languages > English

Now, welcome to Ganda firefox!

Don't forget to leave your impressions about this and any like these in the comments below ;)


  1. hey John,
    interesting stuff done by guys down there, will surely try this out.
    hmm never figured out u'd get into IT!


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