Oooh the web!

Its one of those days, where I spend several hours infront of a computer screen browsing around on the net. Today, is no different, with Internet cafe staff mentioning that am on course of breaking the record of sitting at the computer longest, at least in their cafe ;)

My browsing has taken me through checking and replying to my mails, reading the local dailies (Monitor and Newvision), reading a monthly scholarship newsletter, conducting a Google search on how earn-money-online, to mention but a few. Imagine doing this from morning till evening for a period of about 10 hours, only occasionally leaving to visit the restroom for a 5mins break. How many pages opened and closed, liked and disliked, detest because of their content and others you would to keep as references. At the end of it all, I can cannot recall them all, not even remember the message in the the first email I read.

The thought took back to the time I signed up for my email address, opening my first email (spam) and so thrilled some stranger is asking me to buy medicines in a US pharmacy promising that they will boost my muscles! Sweet memories, aren't they, if we were all to recall the first time we felt we were getting to communicate with the whole world. The only websites I knew then were yahoo for email and could find no further use for paying extra airtime to use the Internet.

The story is different now, with all the time so far spent today on the net, i still feel like I have just started browsing. My friends are just logging to chat on yahoo and msn messenger downloaded on this computer , the scholarships search-list is not exhausted yet (over 100 listings), I have not written a blog entry yet, so many news stories to read on google and bbc...especially the technology sections.

And now with my butt and legs almost giving way to fatigue, I cannot help it but start moaning ...ooooooh the web!!