Wi-Fi teacher on Fon site!

While on a study tour to Netherlands, I was taken in as an apprentice by Peter Kremer and his family with an objective of learning the insides of how his 9.1km WiFi link supplying Internet in the little town of baard, friesland works! From the insides of the old church building occupying the centre of baard, with squeaky stairs, he diligently climbs as he delivers his first lesson - a WiFi enthusiast must never be afraid of height! From the moment I met him while at a Wifi summer camp in Leiden; passion, enthusiasm and determination to spread the reach of the Internet via WiFi was much of what was reflected in whatever he did especially looking at the Wifi competitions at the camp. It’s definitely that passion and drive now taking him around to neighbouring towns and restaurants with the sole aim of making the Internet easily accessible and available for guests and tourists. His enthusiasm has got him voted for the best fonero of the month! It’s all posted here on the fon website

Now in his own words...

Top Fonero of the Month

Top Fonero

Peter Kremer is a FONhero in our FON Support Community and is working to install FON Spots in the 29 villages that make up the Littenseradiel municipality in Friesland, the Netherlands.

“My goal is to install at least one FON Spot in every one of the 29 villages and in all of their recreational facilities. I believe a FON Spot is the perfect way to begin offering wireless internet connection to these areas. FON Spots are inexpensive, require low maintenance, and are user friendly. We also have an increase in tourism in the area, and I want to make it easy for our guests to get online this summer. Installing the first 10 FON Spots went a bit slowly, but now people are getting familiar with the system and we’re moving quite fast. Campsites, caf├ęs, restaurants, hotels, gas stations, community centers and village harbours -- they are all on my list, and half of the work is already done.”

-- Peter Kremer

Congratulations Peter and keep up the good work!

:-) John