Now, I know i have been out of action for quite a while now and trust me, this is unlike me at all. I have been taking time to "chew" on whatever I have been doing the past months. Its also been a nice time to take a break from it all with friends here and there.

But well, its been so productive and life changing... Yaah, am now considering on spending more time setting up wireless networks in Uganda. Well, after receiving a some stats from a friend regarding access to ICTs in the whole world, I asked myself on whether the stats were right, on which i decided to try moving around in Uganda and find out for myself. Uganda, is among the last country in east africa with least access to ICTs, see for yourself here.

From the stats, Uganda, is far behind both Kenya and Tanzania. And on moving around to other districts away from Kampala, am forced to wholly agree that its absolutely true. There is barely any ICT infrastructure to talk about in these areas.

From the above perspective, am deciding to devote my time more on creating ICT awareness wherever I may in Uganda. Right now, am having positive progress in one of the districts in Uganda, Kasese. Last week, I was invited to the district meetings where, i was given the opportunity to talk to the district officials on the benefits of networking, especially, having their individual district offices share information on whatever projects they could be working on instead of having to physically move with flash sticks from one office to another!

Well, i will keep you posted on this. It feels nice to be back to active blogging...

Till next time.



  1. Congratulation i am going to make a new website and most of your things on your website will appear on it. Keep it up!


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