more time with Mark & Arjan

After spending about 2 days in Karagwe, the following day, 28th jan, we began our journey to bukoba with scheduled destinations being jatropha farmer, Jos en Lineke in Mugana & Bart's campsite in Bukoba.
This is on the way to Mugana.

At the jatropha farm in Bukoba. Notice how keen the jatropha ethusiasts just dont want miss a point in whatever the fieldman shows them!

Mark just about to take a picture of both Jos en Lineke duindam at the entrance to their guest house in Mugana, Bukoba.
Its such a spacious building able to accommodate over 12 people built in a similar way like their guest house in pingjum, holland.

We completely the evening with a beer, a lovely dinner with soup and a lot of dutch flying about with me togather with joseph, trying to recall much of the dutch words that we could master!