Jos en Lineke visiting our projects in Karagwe

After hearing so much about what is happening with FADECO, both Jos en Lineke duindam of dewelstand, set out to find out and see for themselves.
Here both of them are looking at the sand mine at the eden centre in Kyanyamisa. The stones have reached a state of softness that small blows melts them into nice construction sand, a much cheaper alternative if its done right at the construction site!

Also being great enthusiasts of wireless networks and most especially, having supported my efforts towards setting up the wireless network in Kayanga, they definitely wanted to have 1st hand info on how the wireless network at Karagwe secondary school.

Down at the antenna site at karagwe secondary, looking as far as their eyes could go, trying to notice where fadeco base station is. The antenna is mounted on top of the school's computer laboratory. Joseph taking them through the sequence of events on getting it to work.

The headteacher, joseph Kabalimu, talks about the thrill of having Karagwe secondary school connected to the Internet, plus a brief on the performance of the school.

With a satisfied smile on her face, Lineke takes a picture of one of the teachers accessing the Internet.

After spending about 2 days in Karagwe, we all drove out towards entebbe airport, Kampala on their way to Cameroun, expect them back to holland at the beginning of march.