Heard about "Project 128"?

"Project 128" - that is, 150 usb sticks and a blog, http://128.subnet.at/

Subnet, an organization in salzburg - Austria, has given away 150 USB sticks with a capacity of 128mb each. Whoever gets hold of a stick puts something on it they would like to share. A photo, a text, the address of a website, whatever people think the world should see.

Then it is your turn to pass the stick on, to whoever you want. The stick then travels from person to person, taking a piece of information with it each time. The holders of the stick are asked to write on this website and tell how they’ve got the stick, what they found on it, and what they are planning to do with it.

The sticks are numbered from 001 to 150 and am having a brand new naked stick number 109. A friend of mine mailed me the usb disk from salzburg. There another one circulating with a friend of mine in Kampala.

One thing am pretty sure going to put on the stick is definitely about wireless, my blog url inclusive! So be my friend so i can pass it to you...