wireless summer camp, leiden 2006

We started off well here in leiden on the 2nd aug. with a heavy summer camp program, http://wifisoft.org/pub/wbc_program.pdf

Well i should say its not summer anymore here but "rainy" season :o) We have rabbits running allover our camping site and therefore we have come up with a phrase that perfectly describes the weather. "Its raining rabbits here" Just look at our logo

It rains, shines, rains and shines again so many times during the entire day, that normally we dont know how many times it happens. During one of the breaks after a linux session, you may find the ground dry, 2hours later, you find it all wet with huge water ponds around! Am now used to going to a cold sleeping bag and wet tent. There is so much to learn from the different computer geeks at this camp, that the idea of actually leaving the camp and sleeping outside is a very bad one!

Not so many pictures are up but if you want to see something look here, http://camp.wifisoft.org/index.php/Event_Day0
The army tent in the pictures is where we have our meals (breakfast and normally dinner). If the rain lets up in the coming days, we sure will make a bonfire or have a bbq!