oooh coming to the end...

Well, every show has its end, and mine is just close to that!

A friend, Martin junginger, organised my farewell party at his apartment tuesday evening in utrecht. It was a nice small party with a few friends around. We had a lovely dinner but i remember the apricot pudding we had for desert, it sure was lovely!

I spent wednesday taking time off in Martin's office on the 9th floor of utrecht university building using his absent colleague's space.
His Hp laptop had a problem, it could see the university wireless network but could not connect to it. There were 3 networks with one of the open but still we could not connect to it. Togather with martin, we search for reasons why. We downloaded hp drivers for wireless devices, lastest hp drivers for the entire laptop, read a doc from the hp site mentioning we should flash the bios of the laptop before installing XP - oooh now that got us thinking! We flashed the bios of the laptop installing the lastest from the hp website. We further checked around in the settings - disabling WEP and activating preamble and tried again downstairs to get on the wireless network. And amazingly, this time it connected. This was the time we were about to give up and go home - but with Martin being good at computers and persistent, well, we got it working!! :o)

Am back in amsterdam and just ready to get back to East Africa.


  1. Anonymous2:27 PM

    I am very impressed with what I have read. I am responsible for distributing computers in schools in Tanzania, but I would like to know how we can help other schools to connect to the Internet? This is a break through for those schools in rular Africa.

    Aseri Katanga.


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