Make-it-yourself technology @WOT!

On friday 18th aug, I paid a visit the Working Group on Development Techniques, WOT which is a knowledge centre for small-scale applications of sustainable energy and hand pumps for developing communities.

On display are some of the make it your self hand pumps, simple showers, solar cookers and solar dryers. Most of the machines are very easy to make since they are made out of locally available materials. I was taken around by Ton Pütt, chairman of the WOT group.

The hand pump shown on the right, is used to draw water from a deep well or an underground tank. The metal parts can be old bicycle parts or metal rods welded togather to form a firm stand. The black wheel is an old kids-bicycle tyre with half of it cut away to allow the nylon rope easily roll over it. There is a also a pvc pipe (water pipes) that is fitted to draw out the water from the tank. With a few measurements here and welding pieces togather you have a working hand pump. Find the complete manual at WOT website,