last day in amsterdam..

Well, thats about it - the conclusion of the 2 months tour of europe. Today is the last day i spend in amsterdam and next morning of the 1st sept, '06 early in the morning, i fly out on to brussels and get on sn brussels, a connecting flight to entebbe, Uganda. The total time in flight will come to, well, over 13 hours!

The last day in amsterdam was quite nice, going out alone on the ferry and moving around to central station, dam square, the tourist crowded streets, trams, souvenir shops... places i had slowly started getting used to. I took time to enjoy the view, take in the breathe and gaze as much as possible - just like a tourist recording it all down on a small digital camera!

Well, in conclusion, it was a nice trip, much more eventful than what i had in mind on my way to europe.

Watch out for more posts soon but not on the european tour anymore i guess, but probably on setting up a wireless community network! :o)

stay plugged in ;P