Spending the weekend of 18th to 22nd aug, in enschede with friends was a really nice thing and a way to get more comfortable with linux. Marco and his girlfriend Mariska were very welcoming people. Marco being a linux fanatic spent much of his spare time over the weekend showing me tricks in linux. He has a nice website, http://www.pe1br.nl/overmij.php

Over the weekend, i visited the university of utwente, more particularly got to know about how the wireless network is setup. Most of my questions regarding running and managing such a huge network were answered by both the public relations officer and the technical staff of the university. http://www.utwente.nl/

I also visited the Working Group on Development Techniques (WOT), a knowledge centre for small-scale applications of sustainable energy and hand pumps for developing countries. http://www.wot.utwente.nl/index.html

enjoy :)