Zaans molenmuseum.!!

At the Zaan museum, near amsterdam, the wooden shoe shop/factory is worth paying a visit. Here you enjoy the history of the wooden shoes (clogs) and you get a free demonstration on how they are made! Here are a few pics taken inside the wooden shoe shop; enjoy!!

My colleague, Bas enjoying the nice display of the clogs.

Am trying out giant clogs (could have been worn by goliath just before being killed - in my opinion!), just outside the clog shop! They are so huge and heavy, you would need somebody to dig them out of their position.

Am at one of the oldest mills on the zaan river. Its name is De Kat (The cat)It was constructed way back in 1781. The mill is used to make dyes. It has very heavy grinding stones each weighing between 5,000 kg to 7,000 kg.

The Windmills in Netherlands were used to process barley, rice, paper, wookd cooking oil, mustard, tobacco, hemp, mineral dyes, chalk and abrasives. This mill resumed production and sale of antique paints and dyes ten years ago. Its probably the last wind-powered dye mill in the world.