Ever held a live Anaconda??!!

Sunday 9th july, found me north in the region of djursland. I was staying with a friend, Egon, an antenna expert working with the djursland institute. His house is also home to many african crafts: stools, drums and quite a number of swahili speakers too. They have a cultural camp coming up to be held in Grenaa - djursland, Denmark, read more here: http://www.utamaduni.dk/eng/index.htm

For the swahili link: http://www.utamaduni.dk/swahili/index.htm

One interesting thing is that the cultural group which performs during the cultural festivals uses a big 60kg python during its dance shows.

I should say i was privileged to not only see the snake but have it around my neck - believe me this is something i never imagined i could do before! More still this is a snake which is over 5 metres long, over 14 years old and its kept in a small corner inside the house. It is fed a live chicken every month. Its so disciplined, it never eats anything infront of people or during a dance, it is trained to eat inside its own small glass house.

Everybody living inside the house is quite aware and used to it including the small kids.

In the picture, i was holding the snake together with its care-taker, Sanders

See for yourself and leave me a comment if you got the guts to do this... :-)