Bus ride from Amsterdam 29th night

I left Amsterdam on the night on 29th june 2315hrs headed for djursland. I got on a Eurolines bus and the journey from the start was great.

We passed through the football crazy city of Hamburg and you could clearly see the FIFA worldcup 2006 effect there. Vehicles with small flags glued to the sides of their windows. Most of the vehicles had 2 flags one on either side of the vehicle, flags of; germany, brazil, ukraine, italy but most prominently germany & brazil. Others were hang from windows of apartments, jerseys too were being worn in plenty.

I got to Arhus, a major town in djursland, and was picked up by a friend to the DIIRWB institute.
the journey was nice, i caught a few doses of sleep now and then except feeling uncomfortable having to sleep while seated upright. the driver normally stopped every after 3 hours at a restaurant and we would get out to drain our bladders and also grab a bite.

I noticed right from Amsterdam, that all european drivers leave their headlights shinning bright either during night or day, shinning or not.
In East Africa, headlights especially during day is a sort of signal to the on coming driver. It could be of recognition; a warning about a police patrol around the corner; on coming driver to put out his/her headlights; an alert to the person crossing the road to hurry about it :)

so are we going to lose our nice ways of communicating while driving in East Africa? Are we going to stop warning each other of police patrols on the road because of having to keep our headlights on???

your comment is welcome...