boat ride 'round Amsterdam

Its amazing having to look at the different buildings and listening to the history of Amsterdam. What you surely gonna see & here is like this ...
I AMsterdam
I amsterdam
I amsterdarned!

The amazing roof tops steps-like, bell-shaped, the church like architecture. The canals, ooh the canals, there is a point you see 7 of them in a row! Amsterdamers pack their cars at the banks of the Amstel river, you get to see different vehicles of all models, right from the latest to the old, sizes from the world's best car makers; Benz, peugort, BMW etc. There is a rail which goes up just about a 1/4-way the size of a car tyre meant to stop the drivers from running their vehicles into the river but the amazing fact is that there is at least a car in the water every week!!

I got to say the boat-ride in Amsterdam is really a great thing for everybody to do if you ever visit. Do not worry if you don't know how to swim, i did not either, but we didn't have any problems at all. Except i got some crazy bunch of guys who ran into the back of our boat. Do not know whether they were drank or just crazy. Its like everybody can ride his or her boat on the river, just as you remember to keep right when sailing.

am posting a few pictures soon...

john :D