Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Now in baard, friesland

I was picked up by Peter Kremer on the evening of sunday 13th aug, to spend time in baard a small town near leeuwarden in friesland. We spent the whole of monday 14th having a practical
experience on how wireless baard was set up and how its managed.

With an omni directional antenna inside the tiled roof of a church tower and over 20 families getting an Internet feed from it. Its the ideal set up for a small community like the place in tanzania. Most of the family around have a small biquad and a senao radio pointing towards the church tower. The farthest family connecting to the omni in the church roof was 600 metres without using any amplifiers! Info on wireless baard, http://www.baard-frl.net/

Here in Peter's house in baard, friesland. We are each connected to the net and emailing pals :)