Saturday, September 30, 2006

raised antennas & mast ... end of day 2

A view of the antennas from down below. They are pointing down in the valley in the direction of karagwe secondary school, which is 8km away from where they are stationed.

Well, that was the 1st step forward


putting up the antenna - day 2

With support from everybody around, joseph and i managed to have the antenna standing at the base station, fadeco.

It sure was had work. The antenna overall height is about 40feet high. We have 2 support wireless about 10 feet from the top to stop from continuous swaying during storms.

We fixed the bridges in a water proof box & mounted it on the antenna mast too.

all the pics - find them here...

Making the final adjustments to the antennas and getting ready to put it up. More pics, click on the link below



Joseph & john getting the omni on top of the of the antenna mast.

day1 - wireles link pics

The FADECO technical team mounting the antenna. Joseph (blue shirt), papa (white shirt) and john (background)

getting 8km wireless link to secondary school

Let me give everybody a sequence of events on setting this wireless network up:

26th sept, tuesday - bought the antenna poles, welding etc. Mounted the omni & the mesh directional antenna onto highest pole. Reconfigured the senao bridges.

27th sept, wed - finished mounting the pole and the antennas.

28th sept, thurs - went down to karagwe secondary school in the morning to try out the signal strength. Amazingly, we were able to open yahoo, google, though at very low speeds.

29th sept, fri - Had to finalise the connection at the school but disturbed by faulty utp, errors & packets dropped on network cards, low internet signal strength at base station. Finally, sort this out a little & make it to the school in the afternoo at 5pm, very tired, depressed, puzzled... name it!! Dont get the connection done & leave a very disappointed student audience :(

30th sept, sat - get to the school early in the morning 10am and try to find best position for antenna. Got it working with a really good acceptable speed at about 2pm. Set up a LAN quickly with 4 working computers. A very satisfied headteacher and students so engaged in sending email too.

Well, thats just about how i have the 8km wireless link working from Kayanga to Kishoju in Karagwe district, kagera tanzania.

I guess i should post some pictures...


Sunday, September 24, 2006

upgrading m0n0wall CF to ver 1.22

Wow! upgrading my monowall IDE compact flash (CF) card from version 1.21 to ver 1.22 took me quite a while to get around. I made sure to back up my original monowall configuration on the CF using the restore/backup feature on my pc, an xml file of about 27kb and then set about upgrading it.

Marten vijn sent me some directed to the monowall mailing list but didnt find much help,[]=200406#%2Farchive%2F64%2F39

The installation instructions didnt really show me on how to upgrade,

Well, googling around a few times, i came across a good doc with a screenshot and finally everything seemed to be very easy! I was looking on how to purposely use physdiskwrite in windows to write the image file on the CF. And here is where i found the answer,

Following the instructions in the hack and the monowall website, i finally manged to get my CF card upgraded to ver 1.22. And instead of reconfiguring everything again in the new version, I restored the old xml file, backedup earlier, and soon had a kool working system with no problems at all.


Saturday, September 16, 2006

Network down in the morning...??!

Logging in on my pc in the morning, there was no network at all!
Checked the sweex hub and the green light is shinning fine, not noticing its blinking. Reconfiguring the clarkconnect box and trying again, still no ip address for my pc. Well, it came to mind later that probably this blinking port is the problem. Changing my network cable to another port on the same hub does the trick... network available :o)

A rude morning memory jog especially on the weekend..

Friday, September 15, 2006

clark connect router/server up

Well, now having visited JPD, i already have my own router running clark connect home edition 3.2 working. Am going to experiment it with more services like ftp, webmail, pop etc
But so far so good, its working perfectly fine. Any ideas on compatible wireless cards around are welcome.

very satisfied,

John :)

Saturday, September 09, 2006

flight home...

Well, 1st of sept 2006, was quite a unique day.
I woke up early about 4am with the excitement of going home to meet waiting family & friends. Well, as it turned out, it was a day of rushing here and there and finally having a cancelled flight home. Disappointment and frustration.

But on the bright side, i spent another day in belgium, most especially brussels. We were taken in at Crown Plaza hotel, a little distance away from the airport, with all expenses paid by the SN brussels airline. It was an exoctic place with a nice facilities. I should say i enjoyed staying there.

We boarded the flight out of europe about midday from brussels. I was lucky to get home safe and sound on the sunday, 3rd sept, at 3am in the morning. It was after spending 14hours on a flight that saw us land for an hour at kigali international airport, Rwanda; Jomo Kenyatta, nairobi - kenya; and finally our destination in entebbe, Kampala - uganda.

I got my bag back as well after leaving it unchecked in at schipol airport after about 4 days. The Sn brussels airline staff traced it down and was lucky to have Bas inform the responsible parties where to send it. Thanks Bas!

Now back in Kayanga, Tanzania