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Ubuntu 11.10 reset user password

The words at the end of the video that may be hard to see.

At the command prompt below:
# passwd user (press Enter)
# (type your new password)
# (re-type password to confirm)

remember both passwords must match.
You are good to go if computer returns 
"password updated successfully"

Weekend project ;)

MTN Charges Mobilephone user Abroad to Receive Local Calls

Make sure to 'juice up' or load a substantial amount of airtime on your MTN mobile phone before you travel away from home to Europe. A 'substantial amount' should be about Uganda shillings 5,000/= and above.

Youth in Farming Blog Win the Youth in Agricultural Award

Thank you for being a faithful reader of our blog. We need your help before 31st December 2011.

Our sister team, Youth in Farming, has been selected for the second round of the Youth in Agriculture Awards. To make it to the next round, please help vote for them in a few easy steps.

35 Services Our Internet Cafe Users Were Asking For

Rural Wireless ICT Infrastructure (RWICTI) Internet Cafe sign 
Internet Cafe services that can bring in a good income for the business, making the Internet cafe business profitable and more sustainable.

18 Features an African Smartphone or Tablet Must have

There was an article circulating recently about 2 Kenyans who have "contributed" to making the first african tablet. This was great news. Problem is their contribution was not defined. Maybe they contributed money to the making of the tablet, or design knowledge or knowledge about the smartphone industry in Africa, nobody knows.

This article got me thinking though, about what a truly african smart phone or tablet should have. These are ideas from experiences with the phones that I currently have and are in no particular order.

HP iPaq next to the widely used ZTE-g s213 dual sim phone

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